The Human Landscape
Homo sapiens and their natural environment
Sparkles Of Natural Wonderment
Catching photons as they illuminate the glory of nature
The Edge
A thirst for resources pushes the industrial revolution deeper into the developing world. This is a brief observation of some of the people bearing witness to this process in a remote corner of Guinea, West Africa.
The Lord & The Dance
A meeting of "Rhapsody of Realities" in Brisbane this weekend, apparently to celebrate religion and spirituality in Australia. I heard a commotion in the car park near my office and am glad I went to check it out. Beautiful energy and some interesting peeps. Thanks for your time Washington & friends.
The Western Highlands
The first of 3 projects documenting the people and landscape of the Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea.
Where Sky Meets Earth
The people aren't the thing that sets this place apart. The forests in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea breathe a fresh breath of life into the skies every day. 45 minutes of Cinematic Orchestra every morning with camera in hand in front of this and I'm a happy man.
Lake Kopiago PNG
A selection of shots taken in Lake Kopiago, Papua New Guinea earlier this year on a 40 year old Hasselblad 500c and developed in my kitchen.
Walk To The World Cup
I'm walking from Mendoza to Brazil and these are some of the people that make my life interesting.
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